A description of one of the most popular attractions in the Riviera Maya. It’s the Disneyworld/Seaworld of Mexico but better. Buy tickets here.

I recomend purchasing the Xcaret Plus Admission which includes a world-class All You Can Eat Buffet.

When purchasing tickets, you can add shuttle pick-up from the main hotels near you through their website.

How to find Xcaret?

Xcaret sits along the stunning Riviera Maya, nestled in the jungle of Quintana Roo.  Approximately 75 miles south of Cancun and 6 miles south of Playa del Carmen, the park is easily accessible by bus or taxi from any of the nearby cities.  Many of the hotels in the area offer transportation to the park.

The Xcaret Family

Xcaret Park is only one part of the prominent Xcaret brand that extends across a variety of other amusement parks to its own hotel family, tours, and sailing experiences. The Xcaret Hotel Group comprises several luxurious and eco-friendly resorts in the Riviera Maya, including Hotel Xcaret Mexico, Hotel Xcaret Arte, and other properties. These resorts offer guests an immersive experience, combining luxury accommodations, stunning natural surroundings, cultural activities, and access to the Xcaret Park, providing an all-encompassing vacation within the beauty of the Mexican Caribbean.

How to Plan Your Visit to Xcaret

Download map
To make the most of your day at Xcaret, it is best to pre-plan how you will navigate the park throughout your day to ensure that you are able to see and experience everything that you want to.  The online map will show you the sites and activities that are available and there are map stations throughout the park with “you are here” markers to help you get your bearings. There are a variety of colored paths that run throughout the park (and are shown on the maps) that guide you to the various exhibits and activities along the way. 

Choose One of Three Rivers

Running throughout the park and intertwined with many of the other exhibits are the three rivers of Xcaret.  Each river showcases different but equally beautiful views as they winds through lush jungle foliage and various caves around the park. The provided life vests keep you floating effortlessly and if you get tired of swimming, there are ropes stretching the whole length of the rivers that you can use to rest or pull yourself along. Near the entrance to the rivers, you can store your belongings in locked bags which will be transported to the end and ready, waiting for you to finish your adventure.

Floating out of a cave in the lazy river

There is the Blue, Mayan, and Manatee rivers

We chose the Mayan. You are given life vests and you leisurely float through caves, canyons, and mangroves. The full experience lasts almost an hour. It’s refreshing and super fun. There are many photo stations along the way. Just use your wristband to activate the photos.

Massive Tropical Aviary

The park boasts an enormous aviary that you walk through full of hundreds of species of the most colorful and diverse birds from the area.  As you walk through, you are enchanted by the free-flying birds as well as the perched/posed parrots, the beautiful waterfalls, and even a suspension bridge.  The whole experience gives the feeling of exploring through a jungle and seeing these animals in their natural habitat.  Separated in their habitats are larger, birds of prey and some of the more exotic species including an endangered and very rare Quetzal.

Butterfly Pavillion

The Butterfly Pavillion

The butterfly pavilion, another exhibit to walk through, is an amazingly crafted and presented area full of vegetation in which the various species of butterflies live and thrive.  It was surreal to look around and see hundreds of butterflies flying around.  To help you get a better view of these creatures, fruit is placed around the exhibit at strategic places around the path and the butterflies land to snack giving you perfect views of them at rest.  There is also an area showcasing the hatchery for the butterflies and displays the creature in each phase of its life from the caterpillars munching on leaves of growing plants to the cocoon phase.  We even got to see a cocoon hatching right before our eyes and the butterfly slowly spreading its wings preparing for flight.

Visit the Turtle Sanctuary

Xcaret has an amazing turtle sanctuary where you can see a variety of species of sea turtles at different stages in their lives.  There are tanks containing recently hatched turtles that are no larger than the palm of your hand and tanks that you walk along that have turtles three feet long or more.  You can walk through and enjoy seeing these marvelous creatures in a way that most people will never be able to appreciate.

And Many other Activities and Attractions

There are numerous other aquariums that you can walk through and observe including a variety of species of fish, jellyfish, sharks, stingrays, dolphins, manatees and so many more.  These aquariums give you a surface view of the creatures and most have a window to one of the sides that you can walk down to see the creatures from below the surface as well.  Outside, there are several lagoons connected to the ocean where you can snorkel and admire the wildlife in their natural habitat.  If you don’t have your own, there are masks and snorkels available to borrow for free for your enjoyment.

Here I am snorkeling in the lagoon

Water Activities

There are enough other activities to keep you busy throughout your day including swimming with dolphins where you get to swim among the dolphins and even pet them as their trainers feed them and have them do tricks for you.  The Sea Trek adventure is a semi-scuba experience where you wear an oxygen-fed helmet and descend to the bottom of the habitat to walk along a path among the fish and experience beautiful coral and rock formations.  There are parasailing and jetboating for the more adrenaline-seeking types and a variety of events and shows throughout the day such as chocolate-making classes and cultural horse shows.

Evening Finale Spectacular

As night falls, the spectacle at Xcaret reaches its pinnacle. The end-of-night spectacular, “Xcaret México Espectacular,” is a grand showcase that vividly narrates Mexico’s rich history through mesmerizing performances, music, and costumes, leaving a lasting impression on all who witness its grandeur.


Xcaret in Quintana Roo, Mexico, stands as a multifaceted gem, inviting travelers to immerse themselves in a world of natural wonders, cultural richness, and unforgettable experiences, ensuring a memorable journey for all who venture within its captivating embrace.

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Sea Turtle
Xcaret photo op
Coatil running wild through the park

The equestrian show
Swimming through mangroves
The aquarium, looking at flounders
Part of the lazy river
Teenage tortugas
Rope bridge vista
Young adult tortugas
One of the sites on the river swim
I was the first one in line when the park opened. So no people yet.

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