I literally put everything in storage and am living out of a suitcase.

What You’ll Find on this Travel and Food Site

I am working digitally abroad. I love water, nature, and exploring. I also enjoy the thrill of doing things for less money. So while I appreciate nice things, I will gladly trade luxury accommodations and name-brand sunglasses for more experiences and the chance to learn about food around the world. So my recommendations and experiences will reflect more of an earthy and laid-back travel style. I like to immerse myself in the city and I try to live like the locals do.

I do get a small commission for sending folks to some of my travel suppliers through links on this site. They are all travel companies that I have either used or sometimes tours that I wanted to go on but I ran out of time in that city.

Building My Digital Income Portfolio

I started way too late but I finally started laying the foundations for multiple digital income streams.

  • Stock Images and Videos – With all the photos and videos I have been doing, I set myself up with Istock, Shutterstock, Dreamstime, Bigstock, and Pond5 as a contributor.
  • This Travel Website – From which I do make a small commission on purchases made through the links on this site.
  • My new Etsy Store – Brand new November 2023. I plan on creating digital and physical wall art inspired by my travels through Mexico.
  • Misc. Photo, Audio, and Video Editing – This is my bag.
  • Coming Soon 2024 – Travel consulting.

How am I Able to do This?

I stay at really affordable houses or apartments. I find perfectly comfortable and safe stays in nice neighborhoods here in Mexico. My contribution to rent is around $500/month generally. A huge difference to Southern California rates. And then I do tours or adventures on the weekends.

With my lifelong dream of traveling, I found a way to combine all of my inspirations in support of life experience. Let me say that I am extremely lucky that I happen to know my way around computers. It’s the main thing that has allowed me to channel this adventure.

I do have a day job. The company I work for has generously made this possible by allowing me to work remotely. I do multimedia production for them during the week.

Ultimately I have a Monday through Friday job but when it’s slower at work, I rely on some of my side hustles as a supplement.

Why Mexico?

I can’t say enough how amazing Mexico has been. The beauty, the land, and the people. I have seen the most amazing places that can’t be captured on camera. From the most pristine, untouched beaches, and crystal blue reefs to Gothic cathedrals. Mexico is truly underrated.

As I began to research cities to work digitally, Mexico has plenty of modern cities with excellent digital infrastructures as far as fast internet speeds. While I am still employed by a US company, I still need to be on American hours, so Mexico was an easy stepping stone to try it out.

What’s in my Toolbox?

Having worked with industry-standard software such as Articulate Storyline, PowerPoint, and Excel, I am well-versed in crafting interactive and visually compelling e-learning experiences. Additionally, I leverage tools like FileZilla, Audacity, and Media Encoder to ensure seamless and efficient media management.

Proficient in Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, Lightroom, Character Animator, and more, I harness the power of these tools to produce mesmerizing videos, captivating images, and immersive multimedia projects. From video editing and photo retouching to dynamic animations and engaging presentations, I bring concepts to reality. Link to my toolbox Page.

Gadgets and Gear

Complementing my technical skills, I possess a diverse array of professional-grade equipment. With a GoPro, Canon EOS camera, a DJI Mini 3 Pro drone, and a selection of high-quality microphones including the Rhode nt1, Zoom h4n, and Blue Yeti, I capture moments from unique perspectives and contribute to various stock media sites as one stream of revenue.

Driven by an insatiable passion for learning and storytelling, I thrive on inspiring others through my work. From visually enticing travel documentaries to captivating promotional videos, my creations aim to ignite emotions, provoke thought, and leave a lasting impression. I am dedicated to delivering excellence in every project I undertake. Collaborate with me, and together we can craft multimedia experiences that captivate, educate, and inspire. Let’s embark on a creative journey where imagination knows no bounds.