This would be THE town for me…

If it weren’t for the temperature. I don’t know what happened. But when we were there it was in the 90’s and humid (felt like 100’s). Any local I talked to said that it was unusually hot.

So I spend daylight indoors a lot, unfortunately.

Beach Town

It’s a beach town with a variety of eco-minded activities. It seemed like a fast-growing town setting itself up for digital nomads and tourists alike. Most visitors walk around in their bikinis and visit chill palapa-topped restaurants or bars. There are many beaches to choose from for all swimming proficiencies, Including world-famous surf breaks.

On the Pacific Coast of Oaxaca

Puerto Escondido spans a long coastline with a variety of lifestyle choices for neighborhoods.

Beyond the surf, the town offers a relaxed atmosphere with beachside cafes, vibrant markets, and a lively nightlife scene. With a laid-back vibe and a range of water activities, like dolphin watching to sport fishing, Puerto Escondido is the perfect destination for those seeking sun, sand, and the ultimate coastal escape.

I recommend visiting Puerto Escondido if you like…

  • A Bohemian/Surf Lifestyle
  • Beaches
  • Swimming
  • Nature watching
  • Laid-back nightlife
  • Sport Fishing
  • Jungle Aesthetic
  • Surfing

Dining and Cuisine

Because this is a destination for worldwide visitors, there is almost any kind of food you could ask for. And there is a wide array of choices for vegetarians and vegans. It’s not necessary to add that seafood is huge here too.

Take a tour immediately!

I am a true believer in taking a tour immediately to get acquainted with a city. A food walking tour is a great way to get your bearings and you have the full attention of a local expert for great suggestions.

Here are some tours I recommend to get to know Puerto Escondido based on ratings and my own research.

Regional Dishes

Regional Dishes include…

Seafood Cevice and Salsa, oh my!
There’s no shortage of dining here. Anything is available.

Large, thin tortillas topped with refried beans, Oaxacan cheese, cabbage, avocado, and a choice of meats, folded in half and grilled until crispy.

Camarones al Ajillo:
Shrimp sautéed in garlic and chili-infused oil, often served with rice, tortillas, and avocado.

Popular Local Tacos

Tacos de Pescado:
Fresh fish, often snapper or grouper, grilled or fried and served in tortillas with shredded cabbage, pico de gallo, and spicy mayo.

Tacos de Mariscos:
Seafood tacos featuring shrimp, octopus, or other marine delicacies, are often served with avocado and a variety of salsas.

Tacos de Cabeza:
Slow-cooked and seasoned beef head meat, usually served with onion, cilantro, and lime.

Unique Foodie Experiences I Recommend

The Best Things to Do in Puerto Escondido

Many things you can do on your own but there are some activities, I suggest a tour. I haven’t been on a bad tour yet. And they really know how to do it here in Mexico. They take all the stress of planning out of it so you can focus right on what you want to see.

Swim little one. Swim!

Baby Turtle Release

The new generation in Puerto Escondido is very aware of the importance of animal conservation. Years ago the locals would collect the sea turtle eggs to eat as a delicacy. Now there are nurseries all along the coast that collect the eggs and protect them until they hatch. Some species are all gone now but luckily the remaining populations are recovering. They have an incredible challenge surviving in the water as it is. I did this private small group tour through Airbnb Experiences.

Take Surf Lessons

Puerto Escondido was a sleepy fishing village until the 1960s when it started to gain popularity among surfers. Today, it is a renowned surfing destination, drawing surfers from around the world to its impressive waves and beautiful beaches. I found this tour on Viator.

Swim in Bioluminescence Waters

Embark on an enchanting evening journey to witness the mesmerizing spectacle of bioluminescent plankton in the Manialtepec Lagoon. Step aboard a boat and immerse yourself in the inky depths, where you’ll be captivated by the radiant performance orchestrated by the bioluminescent plankton below.

Here’s another tour through

Dolphin Watching

There are literally hundreds of pods off the coast and it never gets old watching them leap and spin out of the water

Sunrise and Dolphin Watching Tour with GetYourGuide

Hire a Private Fishing Boat

Let the local experts take you right to where the action is. They will set you up for success and make you look good. Afterward, you can take your share of the catch home and make ceviche or fresh sashimi like we did. we went through a local company – Dorothea Sportfishing and Marine Adventures

Explore the rocky grotto pathway that hugs the shoreline cliffs

This adventurous trek is for the physically fit as you may need to climb some of the broken concrete sidewalk that has folded over from the years of breaking waves. but the view is stunning, especially at sunset.

Getting Around – Rent a Quad

Puerto Escondido is a long stretched-out coastal city. And you can’t see it all on foot. Especially if you want to explore all the unique separate beaches. We rented a quad motorcycle for the month. Most of the locals are on scooters and motorcycles as well. Otherwise, it’s easy to catch a taxi on the one main highway road. Or catch one of the Collectivos that stop almost anywhere at 15-minute intervals going both directions.

GetYourGuide Tour – Birdwatching on a Boat

Birdwatching on a Boat

Roseate Spoonbill, Herons, Frigatebirds, Egrets, and Ringed Kingfishers, to name a few.

There’s so much wildlife to see in Puerto Escondido. There are so many tours for this but I would have picked this one if I stayed longer.

More Images from Puerto Escondido

View of Playa Marinero
Ahi Tacos
Puerto Angelito – Mild beach for swimming. And where the fishing and tour boats embark.
Restaurant view of Playa Coral
Me chilling on Playa Carrizalillo
The Sashimi I made from our Fishing trip
Playa Manzanillo
Rent beach chairs on Playa Manzanillo
High surf day on Playa Zicatela

Where to Stay – Accommodations

There are a few different neighborhoods and all kinds of options and price points available. I am more economically minded and I wanted to be immersed in the city, so I chose a homestay. I found a cute little Airbnb for about $40 a night. And when you book a month, I have gotten my rate down to $30/night.
Click here to see my stay on Airbnb.

Want to know how I find an apartment in a safe neighborhood? Click here

But you can find any price point you want from dorm rooms to luxury.
Click on the links below to go directly to Puerto Escondido.

If you’re on foot like me, you want to be as close to the center as possible. I recommend staying in the pink zone shown on the map to be close to the beach and the other tourists.