My GoPro 9
A great all purpose camera for all of Mexico. It’s simple and versatile to use. Most of my fvideos were recorded on the GoPro

ND filters for Go Pro

ND filters allow me to slow down my shutterspeed and get buttery footage when it’s bright out. They are like sunglasses for my GoPro

Underwater Dive Filters.

Used with my GoPro underwater, they effectively reintroducing the red color spectrum into the picture, these filters transform the washed-out blue or green footage into vivid and true-to-life colors.

Go Pro Tripod

This tripod stabilizes the GoPro on a table or on the ground. It also doubles as a extendable selfie stick.

Inkee Falcon GoPro Gimbal

An indulgent purchase for my GoPro for when I want super smooth shake-free footage.

Canon R

My first full frame mirrorless camera. After researching for a month, I found this one to be the best camera for the price.

Camera Bag

All of my sensitive and fragile devices go in here.

Boya Lavalier/smartphone microphone

In my effort to travel light, I left my microphones in storage. This little mic can be plugged into my camera. I can then export my file as audio only if I want.

GoPro tripod

This tripod stabilizes the GoPro on a table or on the ground. It also doubles as a extendable selfie stick.

Lenovo Legion S7

My power machine runs everything. I bought the lightest of gaming laptops to handle my video processing like a breeze.

External Hard Drives

A necessity.

Vanbon Smart Charger

I obviously have a lot of gadgets I’m charging all the time. If I were in the market for a new one, I might look for one that has other port types as well. I’ve seen them now available. Why not sooner?

Galaxy Tablet S6 Lite

I use it as an external monitor. It gives me a little more screen area back. I miss my desktop dual monitors. I also use it for pre bed time reading. And I use it to sync up with my Adobe cloud for light photo editing or organizing.

JBL waterproof speakers

For beach days, and picnics.


Probably one of my most used purchases. I plug it into any smart TV and have all my streaming channels and accounts

DJI Drone

Taking Drone footage is difficult in Mexico but when we can, it’s thrilling to see what this drone captures.

Soft Dog Crate

Traveling with my dog has been some adventure but this carrier has made it easier for both of us. It fits the standard airline specifications. He sleeps in it at night. And I can take it with me to a restaurant when I want him to relax and feel safe and cozy inside.

Best Travel Dress

Once I found this dress, I bought it in 3 different patterns. It’s flattering, comfortable and I can dress it up or down.