Guadalajara historic downtown

Artsy and Historic

The city is creatively modern mixed with baroque streets and architecture. There’s so much history to be seen in the downtown center district.

Real Authentic Mexican Food

There’s also world-class cuisine from anywhere in the world if you want as well as street vendors selling tacos on every street. So whatever your heart desires for food choices!

Statue of Vicente Fernandez

The Birthplace of Mariachi

Vicente Fernandez is well celebrated here. This is a statue in Plaza de Mariachis. The Parish at the front of this plaza is dedicated any Mariachi born or died in Guadalajara. If you are Mariachi in Guadalajara, you will most likely have your funeral service will be here.

The Baroque inspired centro


Founded in the 16th century, Guadalajara is one of Mexico’s oldest cities. It played a crucial role during the Mexican War of Independence and has since grown into a major cultural and economic center. Known as the birthplace of mariachi music and tequila, Guadalajara embraces its rich traditions while embracing modernity.

Guadalajara’s Downtown at Sunset Tour

This was a great tour and we learned a lot about the local history. This is a perfect walking tour of all of the downtown treasures.

Weekend trip to Lake Chapala, Ajijic

With Daily buses going to and from Ajijic, we took a Primera Plus luxury bus to Ajijic which was about an hour’s trip from Guadalajara. See my page on Ajijic and the cute lakeside colonial town.

Walk Avenida Chepultapec

The avenue is a wide landscaped tree-lined promenade where all the bars and restaurants are So this is where you will find all the hip restaurants.

I recommend visiting Guadalajara if you like…

  • Churches
  • Nightlife
  • History
  • Baroque Architecture
  • Food
  • Tequila
  • Walking

Colonia Americana

This neighborhood is a hip and chic neighborhood to stroll through with its cafes, bars, restaurants, and surprisingly French architecture. This is the trendy and chic part of town.

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See a video of my month in Guadalajara.

Dining and Cuisine

There’s no want for any kind of cuisine you desire here. It’s a very modern city with many visitors from all over the world.

Take a food walking tour immediately!

I am a true believer in taking a tour immediately to get acquainted with Guadalajara. A food walking tour is a great way to get your bearings and you have the full attention of a local expert for great suggestions.

Here are some foodie walking tours I recommend based on ratings and my own research.

Click to use what I use to find restaurants

Regional Dishes

Guadalajara is famous for…

  • Tortas Ahogadas: A popular local sandwich, consisting of crusty bread filled with pork carnitas or other meats, drowned in a spicy tomato sauce. – Tortas ahogadas are iconic sandwiches from Guadalajara, Mexico, made with crusty birote salado bread filled with juicy pork carnitas or other meats. The highlight of this dish is the rich and spicy tomato-based sauce that completely drowns the sandwich, infusing it with bold and fiery flavors. Served with pickled onions, radishes, and cucumbers, Tortas ahogadas offer a messy yet delightful street food experience, celebrating the vibrant culinary heritage of Jalisco.
  • Birria: Spiced and marinated meat (often goat or beef) cooked until tender, typically served in a rich and flavorful broth with tortillas, onions, cilantro, and lime.

Popular Local Tacos

  • Tacos al Pastor: Marinated and grilled pork cooked on a vertical spit, served with pineapple, onion, and cilantro.
  • Tacos de Birria: Spiced and marinated meat (often goat or beef) cooked until tender, typically served in corn tortillas and garnished with onions, cilantro, and lime.
  • Tacos de Carnitas: Slow-cooked and seasoned pork, served in soft corn tortillas with toppings like salsa, guacamole, and fresh herbs.
Eating in the market

Unique Foodie Experiences I Recommend

Day trip to the actual city of Tequila. This was truly a VIP experience. We were picked up in Guadalajara and driven to Tequila. We toured a distillery, visited the downtown of Tequila and then attended the biggest party I have ever seen in my life. Then dropped off right at hom so driving needed.

VIP Tour from Guadalajara

Other Things to Do from Guadalajara

Many things you can do on your own but there are some activities, I suggest a tour. I haven’t been on a bad tour yet. And they really know how to do it here in Mexico. They take all the stress of planning out of it so you can focus right on what you want to see.

Where to Stay – Accommodations

Rent as low as under $40 US a night if you look around and aren’t picky

There are all kinds of options and price points available. I am more economically minded and I wanted to be immersed in Guadalajara, so I chose a homestay. I found a cute little Airbnb for under $40 a night. And when you book a month, I have gotten my rate down to $30/night.
Click here to see my stay on Airbnb.

Want to know how I find an apartment in a safe neighborhood? Click here

But you can find any price point you want from dorm rooms to luxury.
Click on the links below to go directly to Guadalajara.

If you’re on foot like me, you want to be as close to the center as possible. I recommend staying in the pink zone shown on the map.

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